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The Wise Rebel Manifesto


Challenge everything

What was once set-in stone, can no longer be. That system has failed us. Unlearn and relearn.

Lead through action

Talk is rife. Action is rare. Leadership builds true value. Set tight deadlines and meet them. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It has to be consistent and from the heart.

Find your tribe

They exist and are beginning to thrive. Look in places you don’t often frequent. Turn over stones and observe. Then engage.

Research and Publish

Dive in. Dig deeper than most. Keep taking notes. Write when you feel most alive. Sleep on it. Edit. Publish. Time stamps are powerful.

Seek inspiration

In art. In music. In great speeches. Listen to what was once way ahead of its time. Now really listen, with no distractions. Mainstream beliefs never changed the world.

Organic Prevails

Spend time in nature with your family and friends. Quality time is undivided. Your energy will build your audience. Passion trumps pocket, every time.

Head above the Parapet

Your story is unique and your views will be heard. Don’t fear criticism, it will come your way. Your beliefs and gut instinct are your thick skin.

Keep the Fire Burning

Challenging the status quo is exhausting. A fire needs both fuel and oxygen. Come up for air regularly.

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